Am I Mad? Episode 33: Here’s Another Fucking War Nobody Wants

…and we’re at war again. More thoughts below the podcast link and the funny picture. But we’re back! This week Logan Dean drops by the podcast to talk about America’s war against ISIS. We also talk about the NFL and all the problems they’re facing with all the woman-beating-up their players are doing.

Runtime: 29 minutes (Click below to play or Right Click + Save As to Download)

This is what you get when you type "Hooray for war" into a Google Image Search.

This is what you get when you type “Hooray for war” into a Google Image Search.

Did you guys notice we’re going to war again suddenly? It’s ok if you didn’t. Because really, it just feels like any other day we’ve had since we first went to war back in 2003 when I was too young to drive. But this is different and it doesn’t seem like anybody is noticing. We are dropping bombs on Syria. We’ve started a new war and it feels like the will to stop it vanished before it ever even materialized.

And funnily enough, the president isn’t allowed to declare war himself. He has to get the approval of Congress, who’s not going to debate or vote on this until January. They’re going to wait until after the election and the lame duck session and then they’ll debate whether or not we should be in a war we’ve already been fighting for over four fucking months. And despite their promise of inaction on any decision-making for the rest of the year, Congressional leadership has signaled intentions to commit ground troops for another invasion.

Can we all please get mad about this? Can we at least start asking our Congresscritters (who all happen to be up for election in about a month) where they stand on this? Maybe they can tell us whether or not they would vote for a new invasion if elected, or what winning this war would even look like. Are any of our Congressmen discussing how much this will cost? Is there a plan to pay for the new war? Or a plan to provide resources to the men and women who will inevitably return home completely fucked up and require healthcare and jobs that we’ve so far done an abysmal job of providing to them?

Guys, we suck at war. It’s terrible for us. We should at least have a fight about this before getting bogged down in a new one.

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