Am I Mad? Episode 19. Affluenza is real, you just have to believe in it

by occasionallywrong

Mike Norris returns for the last podcast of the year! We talk affluenza, Christmas, Pope Francis, Chris Christie, the arrest of an Indian diplomat, and why we’re thankful for our shitty new budget.

What's Christmas Really All About Pie Chart

Episode Breakdown: (Runtime: 35 minutes)

0:00 Affluenza. It’s not a disease, it’s observable reality.

9:43 Megyn Kelly’s hilarious comedy bit “Santa is white, ok?” continues Fox News’s proud tradition of ruining Christmas every year.

17:00 Now that’s how ya pope!

22:30 Diplomat fight time with India.

24:35 Chris Christie may  have used a traffic jam on a bridge for a political revenge, which might seem petty if it’s not tickling the cockles of your corrupt Chicago heart.

It’s been a hell of a year, gang. Thanks to everyone who has listened and helped me try to make sense of this world. Expect regular new episodes onward into 2014. If you know anyone who would like the show, please direct them to the Am I Mad Facebook page. And if you haven’t Liked the Facebook page yet, what’s up with you man? I thought we were friends.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!