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Month: December, 2013

Am I Mad? Episode 19. Affluenza is real, you just have to believe in it

Mike Norris returns for the last podcast of the year! We talk affluenza, Christmas, Pope Francis, Chris Christie, the arrest of an Indian diplomat, and why we’re thankful for our shitty new budget.

What's Christmas Really All About Pie Chart

Episode Breakdown: (Runtime: 35 minutes)

0:00 Affluenza. It’s not a disease, it’s observable reality.

9:43 Megyn Kelly’s hilarious comedy bit “Santa is white, ok?” continues Fox News’s proud tradition of ruining Christmas every year.

17:00 Now that’s how ya pope!

22:30 Diplomat fight time with India.

24:35 Chris Christie may  have used a traffic jam on a bridge for a political revenge, which might seem petty if it’s not tickling the cockles of your corrupt Chicago heart.

It’s been a hell of a year, gang. Thanks to everyone who has listened and helped me try to make sense of this world. Expect regular new episodes onward into 2014. If you know anyone who would like the show, please direct them to the Am I Mad Facebook page. And if you haven’t Liked the Facebook page yet, what’s up with you man? I thought we were friends.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Am I Mad? Episode 18. Vengeful Hipster Villainry

If only Vengeful Hipster Villainry were just the sweet-ass name of me and Mike Haverty’s two person band. Sadly, it’s a pretty apt description of reality right now. Healthcare.gov rolled out to a sucky start, which means Republicans had a productive couple of weeks bitching and not passing laws, not unlike hipsters hating on something they briefly loved back in the 90’s. Except instead of get fired from their jobs, they get handed bags of casg. We also pay our respects to Paul Walker, who died at the age of 40 and received a traditional Internet funeral.

At one point in the podcast I reference a book whose title I can’t remember. It is Do Not Ask What Good We Do. You can click that link to buy it, but you probably don’t want to read it because it’ll anger your brain.

Republican Hipster

Episode Breakdown: (Runtime: 40 minutes)

0:00: Repealing Obamacare Chapter 60,000: Websites can never be fixed

19:32 Filibuster? More like Fili-nuh, sir

31:08 RIP Paul WalkEverybody get ready to make some shitty jokes!

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