Am I Mad? Episode 15 Damnit, what if Buzzfeed is the future of the Internet?

by occasionallywrong

Tinz stopped by this week to talk about why Buzzfeed is simultaneously garbage and the future of the Internet. This week’s episode is brought to you by various terrible companies that sponsor podcasts.

Am I Mad Cat and Dog Buy Penny Stocks copy

Don’t laugh. Somebody’s gotta pay to keep the lights on.

Episode Breakdown (Approximate Runtime: 45 minutes

0:00 Bullshit clickbait is here to stay, unless you have a better idea how to fund the Internet

15:48 Our first sponsor, Dollar Milk Club, has a special offer for our listeners

17:46 Ever click on one of those shady “Around the Web” ads? Well we did!

27:30 Our second sponsor,, is here to provide an alternative to

28:38 Kickstarter is the future of begging people for money

34:35 Our final sponsor, Pants Swap, finally has a solution to our aggressive fall weight gaining

37:07 The Greatest Generation taught us that war fixes everything, the Baby Boomers taught us to make money and fuck everyone else, so what does the Internet Generation have to teach the world?

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