Am I Mad? Episode 12 – Cover of the Rolling Stone, ABC is Terrible, Anthony Weiner is a Putz

by occasionallywrong

For this week’s podcast, Mike Norris is back and we’re trying a new format where we talk about what makes Facebook mad, what makes us mad, and we conclude with what makes our listeners mad. From the Rolling Stone Boston bomber cover to the View hiring anti vaccer Jenny McCarthy to Anthony Weiner tripping over his horrible penis again, there’s a whole lot to be mad about this month.

Anthony Weiner admits to texting sexual explicit text messages

Episode Breakdown: (Approximate runtime: 42 minutes)

0:00 Rolling Stone be trolling

10:00 Royal Baby coverage incites rage on Facebook, joke nationalism becomes actual nationalism

12:49 ABC is terrible

15:44 Jenny McCarthy is wrong and ABC is wrong for hiring her

20:14 Mike is angry that we can’t see more naked Geraldo

23:47 Anthony Weiner can’t stop Anthony Weinering, officially sucks now

33:33 Byron wants us to get mad about privatized prisons. Turns out that’s very easy

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