Am I Mad? Episode 11- Thoughts Before the Zimmerman Verdict, Egypt, and It’s Ok to Lie to Kids

by occasionallywrong

This week we cover 6 topics and only one didn’t make me mad! You’ll never guess which! Egypt, the Zimmerman trial, Rand Paul’s neo secessionist staffer, Sarah Palin is inexplicably in the news again, Pope John Paul the 2nd will soon be a saint, and Obama lied to kids about broccoli.

We completely understand what is happening in Egypt

This week my friend James Chase came by and we talked about ever so many things!

Am I Mad_ Episode 11- Thoughts Before the Zimmerman Verdict, Egypt, and It’s Ok to Lie to Kids

Episode Breakdown: (Approximate runtime: 45 minutes)

0:00 James and I talk about Egypt’s military coup and explore Emily Bazelon’s observation that you can have theocrats in a democracy but only if they lose all the time

8:51 Maddening thoughts while the jury deliberates the George Zimmerman verdict

19:30 We have to briefly pay attention to Sarah Palin again because damnit all

24:13 Rand Paul has neo secessionist white pride staffers and advocates racist policies but it’s ok because he has non racist justifications for everything

31:30 Sneaky anti abortion bills travel by motorcycle

37:07 John Paul II was awesome except for all that horror he enabled

41:18 It’s ok to lie to kids when you’re the president

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