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Month: May, 2013

Am I Mad? Episode 8: Scandals, Chris re-loses his childhood innocence, and more scandals

Well this was a fun episode. Mike and I sort through the recent scandals in Washington: Benghazi, the IRS profiling of the Tea Party, the AP phone scandal, and Fast and Furious just for funzies. We also travel back in time to destroy child Chris Bogue’s faith in humanity…again.

Mitt Romney smirking as he leaves press conference on Libya

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Episode Breakdown (Approx Runtime: 40 minutes)

0:00  Mike helps me relive the soul-crushing experience of discovering Santa isn’t real

14:00 Aw yeah girl. It’s scandal time.


Am I Mad? Episode 7: It’s ok to admit the Drug War sucks.

For this week’s episode, I talked with my friend, Pete Guither. You can check out his work at Drug WarRant and the Prohibition Isn’t Free Foundation.

Pete Guither

States like California and Colorado have legalized marijuana to varying degrees and the writing is on the wall. Marijuana prohibition will end eventually, so we sat down to talk about what that’s going to look like. It was a great conversation and I hope you enjoy. We fulfilled my goal of having a discussion about marijuana without making a single half-assed Cheetos joke. Then we got to talk about the two party system, and I make my case for why I don’t regret voting for Obama even in the wake of all of the juicy scandalous scandals in the news this week (which will most likely be the topic for the next episode this month.)

Fair warning, the interview was conducted via Skype so there are a few isolated instances when Pete sounds like a robot. I promise this is an internet connection issue and not just me trying to mess with the minds of my stoner listeners.

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Episode Breakdown (Approx Runtime: 40 minutes)

0:00 Now that everyone is slowly realizing it’s ok to publicly admit that the drug war sucks, Pete and I try to figure out what’s next.

20:00 I begrudgingly accept the two party system. Pete does not. I also lament how all my libertarian friends can apparently only speak in extended Youtube videos and meme pictures