Am I Mad Podcast Episode 3

by occasionallywrong

The latest fresh and tasty episode of Am I Mad is ready for your consumption! As usual you can subscribe via iTunes or listen right here on the website. Mike Norris is back again to talk Rand Paul’s filibuster and much more!

Am I Mad Episode 3

Episode Breakdown (Approx runtime: 30 minutes)

0:00 Chris and Mike discuss Rand Paul’s filibuster

10:35 What if you’re right for the wrong reasons? Is that ok? Mike and Chris go through some ridiculous hypotheticals to find out

15:27 Do libertarians believe in organizing? The guys try to figure out why libertarians never get what they want.

23:14 Mike and Chris discuss the delightful moments of Obama’s dinner with Republicans that almost turned into a big silly slumber party. Also here’s a link to the Ezra Klein article we reference.

Happy new pope day!