Reflections on Republican reflections – Election 2012

Writing a political blog is hard, I’ve discovered. I’m not a reporter, I’m just some guy on the internet who feels compelled to share his opinions with the internet. The problem is I have dozens of drafts and I always feel like I’m writing the same post over and over again. All I can do is write about how the Republicans are terrible. Which isn’t surprising when you consider Obama’s campaign wasn’t nearly as much about the great things he’s gonna do for the country as much as it was about how the Republicans believe things that aren’t true and the only economic plan they have is trickle down, which conservatives no longer reference by name because it’s widely considered to be laughable discredited horseshit.

The Democrats may be feckless cowards who don’t take initiative, but I generally don’t hate their proposals even if I disagree with them on some level. Republicans on the other hand, support policies that are horrible and must be stopped. I spend so much more of my time reading right wing blogs than I do left wing blogs because I honestly can’t see how people can vote for the current incarnation of the GOP.

When I can’t sleep at night I play videogames and listen to youtube rants from rightwing nobodys fighting to preserve the future of the republic. I recently listened to 2 Republican podcasts recorded November 7th to hear how actual human beings who identify as Republicans reacted to Obama’s reelection. Below are the observations I recorded.

“If only we had fought dirty like the Democrats”

Both programs began with the hosts expressing feelings of hopelessness and lamenting how honest and virtue were the Republican Party’s biggest hangups. In the views of these hosts, the Democrats had won only because they cheated. At the time, they were saying Romney had only lost by about 400,000 votes (we now know he lost by over 4 million) and how “DemocRAT voter fraud” was certainly to blame. They talked about what a great guy Mitt Romney was and how the Obama campaign used dirty tricks to besmirch him as a vulture capitalist before America could really get to know him.

Outside of the bubble, Romney ran an incredibly dishonest campaign from the very beginning to the very end. Romney’s first campaign as maliciously took President Obama’s words from 2008 out of context to misrepresent what he said. His campaign bus harassed Obama supporters at campaign events. The stories that emerged from his past him even more like cartoonish yuppie villain from an 80’s comedy. We learned how he held down and cut a gay kid’s hair off in prep school, that he used to dress up as a cop and pull people over for shits and giggles, and that he tied a dog to his roof. As for being a vulture capitalist flip flopper with no conscience, those charges began during the Republican primaries where he spent the better half of the campaign being despised by the rest of his party.

The voter fraud thing really fascinates me, though. The Republican Party changed election laws across the country to put obstacles in the way of voting blocs that traditionally vote for Democrats. From banning Sunday voting before the election in black neighborhoods, to removing early voting in Democratic districts and preserving them in Republican ones, the Republicans have admitted on more than one occasion that the goal of their voter id laws was little more than a craven political strategy to suppress likely Democratic votes. The hosts were alsoy unaware that the voter fraud claims Republicans push have no evidence behind them. Also that  the official Republican voter registration group this year was caught destroying registration forms, rendering them unable to continue registering new voters during the final crucial weeks of the campaign.

Must’ve been those Obamaphones

What’s an Obamaphone? It’s phone service people in poverty get from the government. The Lifeline program began under famous communist President Ronald Reagan who had the leftist idea that if we want poor people to be able to get jobs, they need to have access to a phone. George W. Bush actually expanded Lifeline to include cell phones during his presidency, but in Republican podcast world, it’s a cynical Obama tactic to enslave poor inner city black people. A Tea Party group used the Obama phones in some swing states ads this year as part of their strategy to project every negative stereotype white people have about black people onto the president and his supporters. Check out the ad below. It’s pretty gross.

This doesn’t make sense. I don’t believe the majority of Americans want life handed to them

Overall, I’m still just marveled by the total bewilderment of these people. Outside of the conservative media bubble, we now know that the business geniuses and billionaire free market purists ran an out of touch, completely bloated and wasteful campaign consisting  only of bullshit so removed from reality they couldn’t see a landslide defeat coming even up to the morning of the election. But during both of these podcasts the hosts remarked something in disbelief along the lines of “I refuse to believe that 53% of the population just wants to stop working and live off government handouts.”

In their minds, the country is essentially divided in half by makers and takers. Mitt Romney famously looked down his nose upon the 47% of the country who pays no income because in the Republican universe those people are all Democrats. Veterans, elderly people…it never seems to occur to him that these voting blocs who typically vote Republican fall into that category.

Listening to these podcasts, it makes me realize that while they hated him at first, Romney won the Republican base over by the end of his campaign. That’s why they haven’t really turned on him in a public way. He spent the entire campaign inside of the Republican bubble convincing the choir he was worthy to preach to them. They have such a specific list of hard line stances that he had to go through and prove himself on every single menu item and by the time he was done he was completely outside of the understanding of anyone not plugged into right wing media.

The podcast ended with the hosts reassuring one another by reminding themselves that while the Democrats have the Senate and the presidency, the Republicans gained seats in the house (they didn’t). Oy. How do we reach these people and convince them to participate in reality again? This shit is killing us.