Obama is President Still. Hooray? Hooray!

by occasionallywrong

We did it everybody! Obama’s still the president. What does that mean?

Anybody who follows this stuff closely is seriously drunk as hell right now. Nate Silver is off partying with hookers somewhere I’m sure, and I’m here watching Fox News full of optimism. From the moment Fox called Wisconsin, it’s been nothing but joy for me tonight.

I voted for Obama, and maybe I’m a sucker for doing so. But I’m so happy he’s president once again. He’s the first president I ever voted for, and his words tonight touched me again. Words are words and soaring rhetoric is ripe for mockery, but what does a president have but his ideas? While I criticize my president for his tactics he projects to me that he’s at least pointed in the right direction on issues like not hating science, not being needlessly cruel to gay people/poor people/minorities, and not pulling out our dicks and starting several new unfunded wars.

I sincerely hope the American people are less easily fooled in 2012. Now that we’ve had four years without forcing the Palin family into FEMA death camps with an improving economy, America won’t be as terrified of the moderate right wing solutions proposed by the president.