I’m back now

Hi everybody. Sorry I’ve been a bad blogger. Life’s been kind of crazy and I’m still trying to figure out how this whole “political blog” thing is supposed to work. As I understand, I’m supposed to take my own ideas, support them with facts, and then build some sort of compelling argument. However, I’ve been scatterbrained as hell lately and I’m tired of writing a ton of drafts that never come to fruition, so from now on I’m just gonna post bullet points of observations.

Recent Observations

  • SuperPAC ads are creepy, even when I agree with them. Richard Mourdock, the tea party asshat who primaried arguably the last sane Republican Senator out of his seat, recently said rape babies happen because God wants them to. I’m not a religious man, but the argument makes sense to me. God’s in control at all times. It’s impossible for him to make a mistake. So there’s no way he could fuck upĀ 207,754 times every single year. Anywho, Romney’s been campaigning for this chode pretty hard lately and the pro Obama Super PAC just cut an effective attack ad. Still, SuperPACs in general just creep the fuck out of me.
  • Seems like the whole nation got real excited for the debates and then stopped giving a shit halfway through.
  • I wish all my apathetic friends who don’t care about politics and don’t know shit about anything that’s going on domestically/internationally would quit pretending like them not voting is somehow a noble act of defiance. It isn’t. Your apathy is nothing to be proud of. You lack information about the world around you only because you don’t give a damn. If you actually gave one fuck about what’s happening in the world, you’d seek out some sources and educate yourself.
  • In that same vein, fuck everybody who hasn’t said shit about politics up until this week who tries to tell me to vote for Gary Johnson. No, I’m not going to vote a libertarian into office to suck big business’s boner even hard than it currently is, no matter how attractive their views on social issues are. If you really believe in these parties and these issues, you’d have been making this argument months ago.
  • Romney barely showed up to the last debate. He could’ve hit Obama in some vulnerable places but pussed out. I’d have liked to see him grill Obama on Fast & Furious, but that would’ve required both candidates to acknowledge the drug war is still happening and it’s horrible.
  • Romney also neglected to attack the president on Benghazi. This surprises me because for the past few weeks the right has really been acting like they think Libya is a winning issue. I personally think it makes them seem like a bunch of vultures trying to capitalize off a national tragedy, but I’m bad at reading people sometimes. Still Romney’s smirk during his initial press conference said it all:

  • Look at that fuckin smirk. I remember 9/11 when the Democrats rallied behind Bush. There’s no fucking way the reverse of that could ever happen. If 9/11/2001 occurred under President Gore’s, Fox News/the Republican Party would have begun their campaign to kick him out of office on 9/12/2001.

Proofreading also causes me to not post my entries, so no proofreading for you!

/I’m gonna do this more often, I promise.