Whenever a facebook libertarian enters the conversation

by occasionallywrong

Libertarianism, like communism, to me is a philosophy with a handful of good ideas, but is unworkable as an entire philosophy.  While I, like many others, often find myself agreeing with libertarian arguments about the drug war and the dangers of military adventurism, I don’t see “every man for himself” as a feasible way to run a country.  And while I can give props to Ron Paul for getting up in front of Republican audiences during the primaries and sticking to his ideals while he gets booed in South Carolina, his followers online piss me off to no end.

Here’s what happens when a libertarian shows up to a facebook conversation about gay marriage.


And here’s what happens when a libertarian wants to talk about music or pop culture.


You get the point.  Every libertarian I’m fb friends with believes they alone understand the world, and only the things they care about are important.  They’re the misunderstood geniuses who listen to Alex Jones and watch youtube videos with ALL CAPS MUST WATCH THIS NOW TITLES instead of news stories.  They generally stay out of the political process, but are quick to insult anyone and everyone whose opinion differs from theirs.

So what happens when I try to talk to a libertarian about the things they want to talk about?


While I’m sure there are libertarians out there who can get into the specifics about foreign and monetary policy, the majority of them I’ve encountered speak only in dismissive insults or youtube videos.  Which always makes me smile when I see something like this.