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Month: August, 2012

Whenever a facebook libertarian enters the conversation

Libertarianism, like communism, to me is a philosophy with a handful of good ideas, but is unworkable as an entire philosophy.  While I, like many others, often find myself agreeing with libertarian arguments about the drug war and the dangers of military adventurism, I don’t see “every man for himself” as a feasible way to run a country.  And while I can give props to Ron Paul for getting up in front of Republican audiences during the primaries and sticking to his ideals while he gets booed in South Carolina, his followers online piss me off to no end.

Here’s what happens when a libertarian shows up to a facebook conversation about gay marriage.


And here’s what happens when a libertarian wants to talk about music or pop culture.


You get the point.  Every libertarian I’m fb friends with believes they alone understand the world, and only the things they care about are important.  They’re the misunderstood geniuses who listen to Alex Jones and watch youtube videos with ALL CAPS MUST WATCH THIS NOW TITLES instead of news stories.  They generally stay out of the political process, but are quick to insult anyone and everyone whose opinion differs from theirs.

So what happens when I try to talk to a libertarian about the things they want to talk about?


While I’m sure there are libertarians out there who can get into the specifics about foreign and monetary policy, the majority of them I’ve encountered speak only in dismissive insults or youtube videos.  Which always makes me smile when I see something like this.



Clint Eastwood, congrats on being Mitt Romney’s only friend. Seriously

Clint Eastwood did something I haven’t seen anyone do lately.  He endorsed Mitt Romney.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I know tons of people who are voting for Mitt Romney, but Clint’s the only one I know who’s done it without sounding like a total jackass.  Here’s why:

Reasons Clint Eastwood has cited for supporting Mitt Romney

  • He’s a long time registered Republican
  • He thinks Romney’s tax plan is more equitable

Reasons Clint Eastwood has no cited for supporting Mitt Romney

  • 0bama’s a socialist
  • NObama’s a Kenyan
  • FAILbama is a secret Muslim
  • Marxbama’s gonna take away his guns
  • Fartbama secretly hates white people
  • Omoslem hates America

And that’s what separates him from everyone else I know who’s planning on voting for Romney.  Most of the soon-to-be Romney voters I know actually fucking hate the guy, they just hate Obama way more.  Clint Eastwood is supporting Mitt Romney, and not because of paranoid conspiracy theories or outright falsehoods about how 4 more years of Obama will somehow transform America into a Marxist dystopia governed by Sharia Law.

Eastwood seems like a nice guy who genuinely loves his country.  He gives credit where credit is due and while he’s not going to vote for Obama, he doesn’t get out in front of the cameras and root for him to fail.

I hear a lot of people bitch about actors expressing political views, and I completely disagree with them.  We’re all in this country together, we all have opinions, and Clint’s is just as valid as some goblin opinion spewer from Fox or CNN.  Some of our most astute political commentary throughout history has been expressed by our writers, poets, and musicians.  Kudos to you, Clint.  We may disagree, but I appreciate you doing so without all the usual Republican herp and derp.

Liberals Can’t Fall in Love

I like Barack Obama.  I think he’s a decent guy, I voted for him in 2008, and I’m going to vote for him in 2012.  While all the polling gives him the advantage in the swing states, I worry that he’ll lose the election.  The reason I worry is because generally speaking, liberals are insecure pessimists who can’t fall in love.  And when I say love, I mean real love.  Take-no-prisoners, never say sorry, I-believe-in-this-with-every-fiber-of-my-being love.

Right wingers have this love thing down, which is why their “Let’s repeal the entire 20th century” platform still wins election after election after election.  They have confidence in their ideas.  They sincerely believe they’re doing the right thing and have all the right answers to the country’s problems.

What do us liberals have to offer?  Irony?  People fucking hate irony.

I used to look down on outspoken conservatives, but not so much anymore.  At least the folks in Texas trying to outlaw critical thinking will get out into the streets and make their voices heard.  I can’t say the same thing about my self righteous liberal friends.  You want pot legalized?  Go try to change the system.  Get pissed off and take to the streets.  Organize members of your community and demand our elected leaders listen to your demands.  Do something!  Anything!

But no…the best most of us can do is make a facebook post laughing at something retarded Newt Gingrich said.

Generally speaking, the only liberals I know who can still fall in love are the gays.  They’re the only group on the left who can get young activists excited.  They’ve got the conviction to stand behind their beliefs and say to their political opponents “We’re right, you’re wrong, and we’re gonna do everything we can to vote in people who represent our interests until you fucking get it.”  And what do ya know?  2 election cycles after Bush and Cheney ran on outlawing gay marriage, they’re changing hearts and minds and now the DNC is officially embracing gay marriage as one of the planks of their 2012 platform.

To which all my non-gay liberal friends/blogger people have largely responded with an apathetic “Meh.  Those cowards are just doing it because it’s politically convenient now.  Gay marriage is like the most obvious thing on earth.”  Because we’re a bunch of cynical dumbfucks.  This is the part of the process where we’re supposed to be happy, and thank the party that most represents us for doing the right thing.  This is the part where we’re supposed to donate money, and guide them along to the next thing we’d like them to do.

2008 was the first time I saw my liberal friends actually get excited to be a part of something.  Can we fall in love with Obama again in November?  I hope so.